It’s a tragedy when a person wants to pursue something they find meaningful but cannot because they don’t have the resources, direction, or a positive influence in their lives. How many people could have done something truly remarkable, but they made too many mistakes early in life that derailed them from fulfilling their potential?


My personal life philosophy is focused on avoiding this tragedy. I obsessively focus on maximizing my options and minimizing future regret in life. I constantly remind myself that I only have one life to live.


This philosophy drives every decision I make and action I take. I live by these principles every day.


Through many years of personal education, experience, and reflection, I’ve developed what I believe to be a practical method for achieving life satisfaction. Simply put, life satisfaction comes from allocating your time, money, and energy toward personal progress, meaningful relationships, and giving back to society.


My firm, Equity in Dallas Financial Coaching, applies my philosophy and methodology to help people overcome challenges and enhance their lives.


I want to help you maximize your options in life by freeing up your money, time, and energy. I want to help you minimize future regret by allocating your resources toward areas that lead to sustained happiness. I want to help you develop habits that direct you to become the person you want to be. I want to be a positive influence, cheering you on in your accomplishments and providing constructive feedback when you come up short. 


I want to help you live a meaningful life because, after all, we only have one life to live.


More options. Less regret. Time is ticking.




Scott Lanigan


“We have two lives, and the second begins when we realize we only have one.”



Student loans, credit card debt, and no savings.

Anxiety, loneliness, and no hope.

Yeeesh, my 20s were rough! But looking back, I wouldn't have changed my circumstances one bit. In fact, I believe I was lucky to have faced these challenges.


You know why?


I was lucky because I gained skills diagnosing, managing, and mitigating these problems, which far outstripped the "tuition" I was paying for this school of hard knocks.


By going through these challenges, I developed a framework for dealing with my personal problems and a method for achieving higher levels of independence and life satisfaction.

Now I'm debt-free. I have a secure amount in savings, and I am much more calm, confident, and hopeful about my future.

And I want the same for you!



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